Specification :
  • Name : Magpiecoin
  • Tick : MGPC
  • Algorithm : yespowerMGPC
  • Total number of coins : 68,948,811,840
  • Block time : 2 minutes
  • Block halving : every 420000 blocks

About Magpiecoin (MGPC)

Magpiecoin (MGPC) is a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin, but uses a POW algorithm that resists ASCI. This will allow most people who do not have expensive hardware equipment to participate in mining. Currently, it uses Proof of work for consensus algorithm, the latest YespowerMGPC. Moreover, in order to support education all over the world, it created the original POEE airdrop. On the one hand, it will enable students and teachers who lack social resources to get funding; on the other hand, it will also make the distribution fairer and decentralized. In the future, it will be organically combined with 2d/3d games and become an integral part of the game platform. Just like its name “Magpie”, it will bring joy and luck to most people.